Friday, 31 January 2014

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Review

Okay so this is my first blog post and I'm literally shaking - yes, I'm THAT excited. I was trying to figure out what it should be about and finally landed on the most obvious choice - supporting a fellow blogger who inspired me from the moment I discovered her - Marlena! :)

When I was browsing her online store I was seriously overwhelmed by the amount of eyeshadows available and decided to get colors that I could use to create an entire look. Here they are (click on the photo to enlarge it):

I got them without the compact since I was eventually going to depot them anyway. Love the pink-orange packaging by the way!


It's described as an intense matte black with very subtle sparkle and the description is spot on! It's the blackest black that I have ever used, although the sparkle is only noticeable in the pan. The only thing I noticed was that it stained my skin a bit when I swatched it - you can avoid that by using a primer.


Described as a deep matte brown. The swatch on the website is a lot darker than the actual color, but it's still very pigmented. A bit hard to swatch but applies great with a brush.


Described as a shimmery taupe - spot on! This is one of the creamiest shadows I own and it blends beautifully.


A shimmery light purple-grey. The quality is the same as with Moondust. Probably one of my most used eyeshadows, as it is works great for an everyday look.


Described as a matte dark purple. To me this is more of a deep purple (Drama queen from MUG, however is a TRUE dark purple - my friend has it). It's the same as Mocha - swatches horribly but applies great with a brush.


Matte true grey. A must have!! A very basic color, great for blending out smokey eyes and MAN is this shadow creamy! Very well pigmented and blends like a dream.


Matte pale pink brown - perfect transition shade for the crease. The texture is super soft and blendable. It didn't seem like anything special in the pan but really surprised me when I applied it - I don't think I own a similar shadow. It's also very buildable.

Overall I think these colors would be a great set for a beginner who wants to add some color to their look. The quality is amazing and the price is more than fair - the pans are 5,99$ and the compacts are 7,99$ for 1,8g of product. The international shipping is super affordable (around 7$) but I did end up paying 12€ for customs (it was well worth it!!). The shadows are also cruelty, paraben and talc free (there is a full ingredient list on their website).

Hope you found this helpful and don't forget to comment or email me if you have any questions :)

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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