Sunday, 9 February 2014

Manhattan Eyemazing Effect Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey guys! So I'm writing a review for you today and sadly, I'm not all that impressed with the product.

I bought the Manhattan Eyemazing Effect palette some time ago but I haven't used it much so I decided to play with it again and I quickly remembered why I didn't use it...

It comes with four shades and on the back it says that they can be used dry for a subtle wash of color or wet for full color impact. I used them both ways (I only have dry swatches) and the color really is more intense wet BUT it also becomes streaky and it takes about 4 layers to even it all out. If you apply them dry it really does give a sheer wash of color, especially with the lighter shades. The two brown shades are a bit more pigmented but still don't live up to my expectations (based on the quality of other Manhattan products that I own).

Here are the shades swatched and photographed in natural light and with flash. I'm really sad to tell you that those are 3 layers of each color - I had to really build it up so that it would show up on camera. 

These palettes cost from 7 - 10€ in Slovenia and honestly Catrice and Essence palettes that cost less have much better color payoff. There is always the possibility that I got a bad batch so go and check out the palette yourself :)
I was a tad disappointed because I usually love Manhattan products, but hey, they can't all be amazing :P
However if you love sheers shades this would be perfect for you.

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