Monday, 14 April 2014

NEW Essence Quattro Eyeshadow Palettes Review and Swatches

Hey guys!

So Essence came out with a bunch of new stuff and I thought I'd review some of it for you.
One of the things is that they added two new Quattro Eyeshadows to their collection (although I'm reviewing three).

As the name suggests these are eyeshadow palettes that come with four different shades that you can use to create various looks.

07 Over The Taupe

This is the one that isn't actually new, but I bought it at the same time so it's new to me :)
It comes with a dark grey shade a shimmery taupe, a light grey and a light beige. All the colors are super soft and blend beautifully, the pigmentation is great. Except for the shimmery taupe one, they all have a satin finish.

14 Magenta And Me

This one comes with a very dark purple shade, a bright pink one, a silvery taupe and a light glittery pink. They're all really pigmented, the dark purple one requires some work but it is quite buildable. The light pink shade is veeery glittery but quite soft so it goes on nicely but produces a lot of fall-out. They are all shimmery shades.

15 Most Wanted

The first shade is a dark burgundy, then a light pink, a light yellow gold and a white. The burgundy shade is shimmery while all the rest have glitter in them. I'm really not a big fan of glittery eyeshadows, I love the way they look but they make such a mess that it really isn't worth it in the end. Apart from that these shadows are nicely pigmented and creamy. I can't say that they blend well because of all the glitter but they do all look lovely when applied with a stiff flat brush (preferably on a sticky base).

Overall I loooove them. They cost somewhere around 3€ and I think I'd still buy them if they were more expensive than that. They work beautifully, there is no useless packaging that takes up a bunch of space which makes them perfect for traveling and the palette comes with 5g of product which very decent. Apart from the fallout that the glittery shades cost this really is great quality and definitely worth more than 3€. Although I think that quality at a low price is what makes Essence stand out.

Let me know what you think if you give these a go.

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