Sunday, 11 May 2014

NEW Essence Waterproof Gel Eye Pencils Review and Swatches

Hey guys!

So this is another review of new Essence products (I promise I'm not sponsored, I just love them).
Today it's all about the Waterproof gel eye pencils.

They come in a total of 6 shades, but I only got three of them. There are names on their website but there are no names written on the product itself which bothers me a little bit.They are all twist up pencils.

I have the shades 02 Around midnight (bottom), 03 Urban jungle (top) and 06 Cocoa bean (middle).

Around midnight is a dark blue shimmery shade that is very creamy.

Urban jungle is a dark shimmery green, again very creamy.

Cocoa bean is a matte medium brown that looks beautiful smudged all around the eyes. However this one did break while I was using it. I don't know if it's because it's matte and the texture is a bit drier or I just got one that's a bit dried out. However I'm trying to figure out how to sharpen it since they're twist up pencils so that I could keep using it (it really is a beautiful brown).

Overall the lasting power on the waterline isn't anything special, they last well but not drastically long, however they did last all day on my eyelids which is very impressive. They cost a bit more than 2€ and I would recommend checking them out (hopefully the brown pencil fiasco won't happen to you).

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