Friday, 25 April 2014

ZOEVA Eyeshadow Brushes Review

Hey guys!

I thought I'd shut up about Essence for a while and talk about some brushes!
ZOEVA brushes to be exact.

So Zoeva brushes have been hyped up all over the blogosphere for over a year now so I thought I'd rave about them a bit as well.

First of all I have to comment on their shipping. It cost around 8€ to get them from Germany to Slovenia which isn't the cheapest but I've also paid more. However! They got here sooooo fast! It literally took around two working days with every single order (I made three so far) which is amazing. I also contacted them with some questions and their team is very helpful and beyond friendly.
Now on to the brushes!!

227 Soft Definer Vegan
So this is a synthetic blending brush, it's quite fluffy and tapered on the sides which makes it perfect for blending your crease shadow. It's very soft and hasn't gotten stained so far.

227 Soft Definer (MAC 217 dupe!!)
This one is made out of natural bristles which makes it a lot better for picking up color. It's tapered along the sides as well which makes it very easy for applying and blending color at the same time (you put color on the very tip and the bristles on the edges do all the blending for you).

229 Eye Finish
The eye finish brush is vegan as well. It's very narrow and pointed at the top. It really does what it says, it helps you put the finishing touches on your look, blending out those last sharp edges and making your look completely seamless.

230 Pencil

This is one of the best pencil brushes I've ever used. It's very tapered and comes to a very sharp point but it's also extremely soft (a rare thing when it comes to pencil brushes). It's perfect for blending out eyeliner and applying eyeshadow to your lower lash line.

231 Petit Crease
This one is again made of natural bristles and they're soooooo soft. It's just slightly tapered at the top and just perfect for the crease (as it says) - I love applying my crease color with this brush and then blending it with my 227 or 227 vegan. It also works beautifully on people with smaller eyelids.

234 Smoky Shader (MAC 239 dupe!!)
So this one is great for applying your lid shade. It's a completely flat brush with natural bristles. It's picks up color very well and it can also be used to blend shadow along the lower lash line if you only apply product to the very tip.

235 Contour Shader
This is a synthetic fluffy angled brush. It's really great if you're doing a cut-crease and you can use it if you want to really concentrate you crease shade on a particular area.

237 Deatail Shader
Again, made of natural bristles and very soft. This one is a very small flat brush and I looooove it for blending out eyeliner on my lower lash line, because you can be really precise with it and because of it's size there's really no chance of over blending.

So I pretty much only use these brushes. Their quality is simply outstanding and in the year I've had them they haven't shed one bit! When I bought them they cost 5,80€ but now they cost 6,20€ which is still a bargain and I could not recommend these more.

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Talk to you soon! x

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  1. Hello! I am considering buying 235 (I really like it, not sure wh) What is it exactly suitable for? Can I blend my crease with it? Do I need to be advance in make up to use it? Thank you!

    1. Hello! The 235 is an angled fluffy brush. It's quite dense so it's great for packing on color and fits into your crease beautifully (because of the angled shape). However it wouldn't really be the best brush for blending. I would recommend the 227 (regular or vegan) for blending. You can apply color with the 227 as well, just not as precisely :) You can also try the 231 (petit crease) which is a smaller fluffier brush and would fit into your crease very nicely and you can use to blend just as well :)

      I hope I was able to help you :)