Thursday, 31 July 2014

ESEENCE All About Candies Review and Swatches

Hey guys!

I posted a review of the Essence All about nudes palette a while ago and I'm following it up with a review of the All about candies palette which is soooooooo pretty!

Just look at it! Pastel baby!!

So this palette, again, consists of 6 shimmery eye shadows that claim to be silky, smooth and long-lasting. I can confirm that they are definitely silky, smooth and shiny, however nothing lasts on my lids so I can't really state my opinion here (I never do anything without my urban decay primer potion!).

Here's a close up of the shades and here come the swatches (single swatches with no base)!

These are all super light so I can't really see myself creating a look using only this palette, even if you like toned down colors, these are so shiny that they really pop on the lid. However if you like that you should try using a white base (NYX jumbo pencil in milk for instance) to really make it stand out.

Now on to the colors.

Shade 1 is a very light yellowy gold.

Shade 2 is a very light pink.

Shade 3 is a super light lavender that look gorgeous as an inner corner highlight on green eyes!

Shade 4 is a peachy pink.

Shade 5 is a light blue (sort of duo-chrome, I can't really describe it).

Shade 6 is a very very light turquoise.

All of the shades really are super shiny and smooth, they apply beautifully and they're decently pigmented, nothing groundbreaking here. However I only use these as highlights for my inner corner. I sort of match it up to my makeup - if I'm wearing green eyeshadow I'll use the turquoise to highlight and if I'm wearing purple I'll use the lavender and so on and so forth.
(a guy outside you whistled really loudly and I literally almost peed my pants!)

None of these shades are neutral and you could wear some of them as a lid shade if you're going for a super light look, however I would absolutely recommend this to someone who doesn't like going through their stash every morning looking for a good highlight eyeshadow - you got 'em all in one place now baby!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
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