Monday, 28 July 2014

Life in Retail - The guy with the socks

Hey guys!

So as I've mentioned a couple of times, I work as a cashier at a drugstore and whenever you work with people all day, you're bound to run into some smart ass that makes you supply of anecdotes pretty much endless.

So I decided that I would share these gems with you, so you can enjoy them as well ;)

Basically there was this guy and he spent about 45 minutes in the sock department picking out socks. Nothing wrong here, he's welcome to browse until closing time for all I care. But here's the deal. The sock department is RIGHT next to the register and he would come running to me every 2 minutes with all sorts of questions.
What kind of material is this? Does the cotton percentage really make that much of a difference? How do they make socks out of bamboo? Do these shrink after you wash them? How stretchy are these? Have you ever worn these? (Men's socks. I'm a girl.).
And of course my favorite: If the size says 37 - 43, will they fit my size 40 feet? (I just stared at him that time).

Now I get that kind of questions from someone who is a bit obsessive and neurotic but this was just a normal average guy. I'd even get it if he seemed interested in me, but no, he just asked a gazillion different questions about socks and looked absolutely horrified when I wasn't the freaking sock page in Wikipedia.

Of course I answered every question as politely as I possibly could, explaining that the girl that works in the sock department is sick and I sadly know nothing about the cotton - polyester ratio. I explained several times that I have absolutely no experience with wearing or washing men's socks and that the prices and sizes are all on the packaging as well as the information about the material.
I was trying to check people out and at the same time politely help him (without violently throwing my scotch tape holder at his head) which of course was impossible and even other customers were getting fed up.

Then after what seemed like a lifetime of picking out socks he left without the smallest purchase and said see you tomorrow with so much excitement he was barely holding it together. Tomorrow? What's happening then? The sock festival of 2014?? There was no way in Hogwarts I was going to deal with that nut job again and thankfully he didn't show up.

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Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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