Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Makeup Revoluiton Awesome Metals Review and Swatches

Hey guys!

I recently placed a ''small'' order with Makeup Revolution London and there's quite a few reviews coming your way, so buckle up!!

First of all let's talk packaging - their products come wrapped in a ton of bubble wrap (pop that s**t!) and some of them come in GORGEOUS rose gold boxed that I ended up keeping for about 2 weeks because they were to pretty to throw away. The package arrived quickly and I was able to pay using Paypal which is always a plus. The shipping cost was normal and I did qualify for free tracked shipping (another plus).

The first thing I will be reviewing are the Awesome Metals eyeshadows.

I bought 2 shades (they offer 5 in total) and they come with the Awesome liquid eye primer and a tray to mix it on. It says on the packaging to add a touch of primer to the mixing tray, add some powder, mix and they apply. Well first of all the shadow does not come in the form of a powder, it's a straight up cream eyeshadow - a bit too creamy actually, but when you mix it with the primer it turns to a very thin liquidy cream eyeshadow that applies really easily. 

Magnificent Copper

(top swatch is the shadow on it's own and the bottom swatch is mixed with the primer)

This is a gorgeous shade, although it has quite a bit of pink in it, considering the name is Magnificent Copper. Super shiny and metallic but contains no glitter.

Black Diamond

It's very true to the name. It a daaaaaaaaark almost blackened grey with a silver shine to it. Again very metallic and shiny but with no glitter.

I cannot say if the shadows truly are long-lasting because everything creases on my eyelids. However they are seriously gorgeous and a great dupe for the Stila Magnificent Metals which cost 42,7€ each (no that is not a typo) while the Awesome Metals eyeshadows only cost £4 on their website, however if you live in Slovenia you can check them out here.

Definitely worth a try.

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