Saturday, 9 August 2014

Life in Retail - The lady with the tester

Hey guys!

So the drugstore I work at recently got renovated and we now carry a bunch of new brands in the natural cosmetics department. And that is exactly where my story takes place.

I got used to people having a lot of questions about new brands and where things are (we moved everything around) but some things are simply a matter of common sense and slowly but surely I'm starting to realize how uncommon common sense has become, it should really be classified as a super power if you ask me.

I was talking to my cousin who came in to look at a moisturizer by Burt's Bees and I was showing her a bunch of new stuff I knew she'd like when a lady asked me where something was. I told and showed her where it was and then went back to my cousin (we weren't chatting, she came in as a customer - I have no idea why I felt the need to clarify that). We were just talking about how pricey the Korres lip butters are when the lady came over holding a product and asked me if it was for sale. The tube has a giant red label on it and the label said TESTER. Seriously???

However, I politely replied that that is just a tester of the product and that the product is in stock so she can buy it if she likes it. She looked me straight in the eye and said ''oh so it's basically free, I can just take this home right?''.


I mean c'mon, there's asking a stupid question and then there's just being stupid. How can you possibly expect something in a store to be free?? At first I thought she was kidding and I laughed but then I realized she was dead serious. She honestly thought that because the packaging said ''not for sale'' she could just take it home.

And even if you ignore the thievery part of it, why would you want to buy something that literally 50 people or more stuck their finger in??? That's just plain nasty.

And I'm sad to tell you that far too few people are disgusted by testers - whenever a product is out of stock I would get someone who would try to buy the tester. I wouldn't dream about putting that on my face, I disinfect my foundation brush every single morning before I use it!

If you would like to restore your faith in humanity, working in retail really isn't the way to go...

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Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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