Friday, 22 August 2014

AVON Urban Skyline Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey guys!

I'm reviewing another Avon quad for you today :)
Hope you like it :)

This palette is completely cool toned and perfect for a smokey eye. It includes 3 shimmery shades and one matte color.

I love using this palette whenever I'm going out or doing someone's makeup for a party. It really is a very basic and convenient palette to own.

Shade 1 is a basic shimmery white. It's not as pigmented as it could be, but still works as a highlight.

Shade 2 is a medium silver shade, shimmery and again not as pigmented as it could be.

Shade 3 is an intensely dark shimmery grey, extremely pigmented and gorgeous.

Shade 4 is a matte black. Not especially pigmented but buildable.

All of the shades work well together and blend nicely. I was disappointed with the pigmentation but you can build the colors up if you want to (I just prefer having pigmented shades to begin with). I love how they blend, it really makes the process of creating a smokey eye a lot easier. There isn't much fallout, but I would still recommend that you do your foundation after your eye makeup, as they are fairly dark shades and the tiniest bit of fallout can be noticeable.

As with the other Avon quads this one costs 10,6€ but is usually discounted. I do enjoy using this palette despite my issues with the pigmentation and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys wearing a smokey eye but hates the fuss of going through your entire makeup stash to find every single eyeshadow you need to create it.

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Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
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