Monday, 11 August 2014

Essence All About Sunrise Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey guys!

Today I'm reviewing the third palette from the Essence All About line. All About Sunrise is very neutral and completely shimmery. Hop you guys like it.

As the rest of the palettes, this one also has 6 different eyeshadows, in this case mostly warm browns and neutrals. This one really caught my eye when I was browsing through their stuff, because a lot of the colors looked very glittery and I was curious to see how it would work on my eyes.

Here's a close up of the palette (click on the photo to enlarge it).

All of the shades came out very true to color in the photo, except for the middle one in the bottom row that is a very bright coral, almost orange in real life.

Shade 1 is a light shimmery beige with a hint of gold in it.

Shade 2 is a coppery gold with very fine glitter.

Shade 3 is a medium reddish brown, a very very warm shade but gorgeous!

Shade 4 is a yellow gold.

Shade 5 is a a very bright, almost coral orange in the pan, but it becomes very muted once it's applied on your eyes.

Shade 6 is a dark taupe with a tiny bit of burgundy (it really shows up when it catches the light).

All of the shades are either metallic, shimmery or shimmery with glitter, so you can't really get a subtle look with them. They're all quite pigmented (I don't know why but by looking at it I expected this palette to be a complete dud and yet the quality really was a pleasant surprise). They're smooth and blend nicely (if you don't mind the glitter flying everywhere).

Overall this a drop dead gorgeous palette, all of the shades are perfect for summer (I'm definitely taking it with me on vacation), howeveeeeeer....

There are no mate shades in the palette, the dark taupe isn't as shimmery but it still is. And glitter causes quite a bit of fall-out. I don't mind fall out because I never do my foundation first but if you do, you might want to keep that in mind, otherwise you will have to start over - and ain't nobody got time for that!
I was a bit disappointed by the coral shade, it would have been so gorgeous if looked the same on my eyes as it does in the pan but it sadly doesn't. It's still pretty but a bit of let down.

These cost around 4€ in Slovenia, they're even less expensive in the states and I do highly recommend you check them out.

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