Sunday, 19 October 2014

Life in Retail: The Parents

Hey guys!

I'm still working in that drugstore and, I swear you have no idea how idiotic people can be, until you've worked in retail.

As you know I work as a cashier and we really don't have much time to do other things and if by some coincidence there's no one at the register we help out around the department and things like that - long story shot, we really don't have time to waste.

So I was cashier-ing away (yes I made that word up), minding my own business, being polite to everyone when this lady stopped next to me and all I heard were the words: ''Excuse me, can you look after my daughter for a bit so I can shop in peace?''.
I literally had to run after her (she apparently assumed my answer would be yes so she already left) and had to explain to her that I can't be responsible for her child and that I have to leave the register sometimes and wouldn't be able to watch her all the time. That's when she pulled the most horrified face I'd ever seen, grabbed her daughters hand and continued shopping.
If you don't want your kid to ''bother'' you while shopping, then find someone to look after them - a babysitter, leave them with grandma, I don't care but don't treat the store as a daycare center! We have things to do and they do not include babysitting!

And then there are the ''they have to learn on their own'' parents.
I was checking out a lady when her son decided to come behind the register (nobody is allowed back there) so I politely and nicely told him that he's not allowed back there when the lady yelled: ''Excuse me I'm the parent here, I tell him what he can and cannot do!''. Then f****ing do it!!
Of course I tried to stay as calm and polite as humanly possible and explained to her that nobody is allowed there except employees, to which she replied ''well he has to learn that on his own''. It takes a lot to shut me up, but I was completely speechless by that point. How is he supposed to learn that he's not allowed back there if you don't tell him and you don't allow me to say anything when he does it??? (I'm required to do that btw) The other customers in line were as confused as I was and the entire checking out process continued in complete silence (excluding the banging noise her son was causing by repeatedly slamming the little door leading to the cash register).

Then there was this lady (I somehow never had a weird dad to deal with) who was already paying and realized her daughter wasn't with her anymore, for which she blamed me ''because I'm supposed to watch her!". No I'm not!! It's your f***ing kid! After she located her lost child (2m away from her of course) she proceeded to pay and I thought she already left when I heard her say ''could you throw this in the trash please?''. Nothing new here, people ask me to do that all the time except... Her shopping basket was filled with melted chocolate and dirty moist (and warm) baby wipes. I think my face turned 20 different shades of green at that moment, but we don't say no to our customers so I did it. I had to grab all of that yuckiness with my bare hands and throw it in the trash. If you're ever in a similar situation - throw it out yourself, don't make your cashier do it, it's disgusting.

And to the guy who was next in line and said he's not in a hurry and I can go wash my hands - you da real MVP!!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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