Monday, 1 December 2014

Makeup Revolution Flawless Eyeshadow Palette

Hey guys!

As I've mentioned the website that carries Makeup Revolution was having a sale....

This is a rather large palette so I won't ramble too much and get straight into the colors :)

You get 32 eyeshadows, only 6 of which are matte, while the rest are shimmery or metallic. The entire palette is very autumnal, which was probably what drew me to it in the first place.
I've divided the shades into 4 columns which will hopefully make things a bit more organized.

Left: Paper is a soft off-white. Almost There is a very light warm brown. Smudge is a medium satin brown. Pure Chocolate is a dark chocolate brown.
Right: Soft Glow is a shimmery pinky white. Uncover is a very light shimmery pink. Shimmer Heart is a very shimmery light pink. Raw is a matte mauve shade.

Left: Buff is a very light cool-toned taupe. Barely Pink is a shimmery soft pink. Universal is a warm red brown. Red Night is a shimmery dark red, with some pink undertones.
Right: Highlite is a metallic white. Lowlite is a cool taupe with red undertones. Copper Shimmer a shimmery copper (shocking!). Molton Chocolate is a very metallic warm dark brown.

Left: Angel is a shimmery light yellow gold. Golden Night is a true gold. Medal is a metallic dark orange copper. Burgundy Nights is a dark shimmery burgundy.
Right: Unlimited is a greyish beige (almost taupe). Gold Digger is a very orange gold. Darkest Shimmer is an extremely dark burgundy. Green Stars is a shimmery dark green with some gold glitter.

Left: Brew is a warm champagne. Cheerless is a dark aubergine. Tarnish is a medium shimmery brown. Café Noir is a dark satin brown.
Right: Silver Smoke is a dark grey silver. Blue Stars is a very dark blue that sadly doesn't apply blue at all.  Black Tie is a matte black with silver glitter. Night is a very pigmented matte black.

I was seriously impressed with this palette. It cost less than 11€ (!!!!) and the quality is outstanding. Every. Single. One! of the eyeshadows is pigmented and creamy. The matte ones apply beautifully and they all blend like a dream. The colors are perfect for autumn and you can create more looks with it than you can count! The matte black eyeshadow even gives Makeup Geek's Corrupt a run for it's money. The packaging is sleek and very sturdy (I have trouble opening it sometimes). I would seriously recommend you check this out. It's available on the Makeup Revolution website.

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
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