Monday, 12 January 2015

CATRICE Lip Liners

Hey guys!

I love using lip liners. I don't think I could wear a lipstick that isn't completely natural and not use a lip liner underneath. It makes everything very defined and long-lasting, which I love.

The Catrice lip liners are some of my favorite ones, because they're really pigmented, long-lasting and best of all - they're under 3€!!

I have 9 Catrice lip liners in total, some neutral ones and some very dark ones.

5 of them are the Catrice Ultimate Stay lipliners and 4 of them are Long-Lasting waterproof lip pencils.

Let's talk about the Ultimate Stay lipliners first.

 020 Relight My Fire is a very bright orange red 

030 Boysenberry is a bright pink (not as pigmented as the rest of them)

040 Love The Way You Plum is a dark plum shade

070 Rosy Brown is a very neutral...rosy brown...

080 Mauve Me Tender has the best name ever and it's a mauve berry shade.

Long-lasting waterproof lip pencils.

030 Berryson Ford is a bright berry shade and again...the name!!!

080 That's What Rose Wood Do is a neutral rosy nude

100 Upper Brown Side is a light neutral brown

140 Sweet Auberginia is a very dark aubergine shade

All of these are very long-lasting but funnily enough the Ultimate Stay liners that AREN'T waterproof last much longer - and they're waterproof. I love using them on their own or under lipsticks - I always fill in my entire lips and then apply lipstick on top. They're all very precise and the Ultimate Stay liners are in a twist-up format and they have tiny sharpener on the bottom (which I realized after 3 months of using them...).
I don't find them to be that drying even if I wear them on their own, but if you're worried about that you can always dab some lip balm over it and you won't change the color at all.
The Long-lasting lip pencils cost 2,29€ and the Ultimate Stay ones are 2,49€ which is incredibly affordable, especially considering their quality.

Well done Catrice, well done...

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Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
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