Sunday, 22 February 2015

SPOTLIGHT SUNDAY: Essence Sun Club Bronzers

Hey guys!

It's not often that a product I bought less than two weeks ago already has a dent it.
And when that does happen - it's definitely #spotlightsunday worthy!!

Essence previously had bronzers in their Sun Club range, however they were extremely shimmery (bordering on metallic) and they smelled like summer. I swear that's the only way to describe their scent.
And that's the only thing I miss about the old ones.

These only have 2 shades in them (the old ones consisted of around 5 or 6 shades), one is a matte bronzer and the other one is a shimmery highlight in one and a shimmery blush in the other.

10 sunshine

Top to bottom: bronzer, highlighter, mixed together

I have used the c**p out of this one. It has a very light matte bronzer shade in it that isn't orange!! It's cool toned but still warm enough to make your skin look sun-kissed. I have seriously put all of my other bronzers aside and simply reach for this every single day. It looks extremely natural and it's light enough so you don't look like an orange with one swipe, but you can still build it up to a quite intense look if you so desire.
The highlight in it is a shimmery beige with pink reflects. It looks pretty and having these two in one is beyond convenient.
I don't particularly enjoy mixing them together, but you could if you prefer a shimmery effect on your cheeks.

20 sunset

 Top to bottom: bronzer, blush, mixed together

This is the deeper one of the two. The bronzer is still mate, but darker and warmer. It doesn't really suit my skintone right now, but I'm guessing it'll be great for summer.
The blush is sooooo pretty. A bright shimmery pink color that really brightens up your face. The shimmer isn't too intense but still adds a nice healthy glow.
I tried mixing them together but my skin looked inflamed, so I would recommend that application (however the two shades mixed together would make a gorgeous blush for darker skin tones).

So in case you haven't figured it out by now, I freakin' love these. They're smooth, pigmented and so easy to blend. They cost 3,79€ in Slovenia and I'm seriously considering getting like 4 backups in case they discontinue them...

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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