Sunday, 8 February 2015

SPOTLIGHT SUNDAY: REN Radiance Skincare Regime

Hey guys!!

As I mentioned in my previous post, as soon as winter came and the cold hit my face, my skin started acting up. Nothing in my skin care stash was doing the trick, so it was time to do some googling and some shopping.

In 20 years I've never had dry skin. It was always oily, but this winter has been especially brutal to me. Suddenly my skin is dry to the point where it's literally itchy and tight, the texture is rough and I was ready to lose my mind.

Then I saw this at work. It cost 39,99€ so I didn't give it a second glance. Then I went out for some tea with one of my best friends and she said she bought it on sale for 30€ and is amazed by it.
So I went and picked it up.

Here's what you get in it.

- Glycolactic radiance renewal mask, 50ml (this mask costs 45€ if you buy it on it's own)
- Micro polish cleanser, 30ml
- Satin perfection BB cream, 15ml (light medium)
- Resurfacing AHA concentrate, 2ml
- A cloth to remove the mask

As you can see the 50ml mask itself costs more than the entire set, so I was really excited about this deal. It has a very thick texture and the most divine smell (sort of apricot-y, but nothing overwhelming). It comes with a pump and a really cool cap to close the pump (I love that!!). The first time I applied it I was seriously unimpressed but then I realized I haven't used a face scrub in a while. The next time I did a very thorough scrub and then applied the mask and WOW. It was a bit tingly as the packaging said, but once I removed it, it was like my skin took a breath after a month of suffocating. The next morning my skin was smooth and the little bumps on my check were gone! Dafuq??

The micro polish cleanser has the exact same smell. It has a very light sort of souffle-ish texture with tiny little beads that exfoliate your skin really gently. Really nice, however 30€ for the full size (150ml) is a bit much as far as cleansers go.

The BB cream is really nice as well. The color is completely wrong for me (as you can see haha) but I wore it one day at home so I could try it out for you guys. It has a very silky texture and applies very evenly (which is rare for BB creams). It had a decent amount of coverage, but didn't really stay on my face all day (not that any BB cream does).

The concentrate is something straight out of hell and for one reason only! IT COSTS 40€ AND I WANT IT!! Seriously, I applied it at night and my skin was f***ing glowing the next day!! I want it soooooooo much!

Anyway, I hope you guys give this a go, it says it's not suitable for sensitive skin, however my skin hasn't had a reaction to it and it's been getting increasingly more sensitive these past few months.
It really is a great deal for what you get, except for the fact that it makes you want to buy all of the stuff you get! Arrrrrrrgh

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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*DISCLAIMER: All of the products mentioned were purchased by me. All of the opinions are my own. What works for my skin may not work for you. I  do not hold any responsibility for negative results.

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