Wednesday, 18 March 2015

NEW Essence Brushes

Hey guys!

I've been using Essence makeup brushes for a couple of years now and so far I've loved them.
However, they recently changed the design and the brushes themselves.

Now we all know they're about ten times prettier than they were before. They're all pastel and have a really pretty lace print on the handles.

But has the quality changed? I've had one of their old powder brushes for over 3 years and it hasn't shed a hair! So let's hope that stayed the same.

The handle is coral, as are the bristles (except for the white tips). The hair is synthetic and extremely soft. It's an angled blush brush so I love using it for bronzer and contouring as well.
Very nice quality and slightly larger than the old one.

It's a lilac color, except for the tips of the bristles. Still very soft, however I find it to be much denser than the previous one and the shape is quite round, while the old one was flat. The density makes it more of a bronzer brush for me, I like my powder brushes quite large and fluffy. But still, incredibly soft and can be used for blush as well.

Again, coral except for the tips :) A regular flat, synthetic brush. I prefer using this with cream eyeshadow, simply because the bristles are so densely packed that it picks up dry eyeshadow really well, however it doesn't really apply it that well (I tried it in my up-coming tutorial and switched to a regular brush). Works perfectly with cream textures though :) The same goes for their older brush too.

It's mint colored and it's much smaller than the previous brush. I love that the bristles are smaller than before, because it offers more precision, especially if you fill in your brows with it, but I do wish that the handle was a little bit larger to provide a more controlled application.

Now that's what I call an improvement! A sturdier handle, a prettier color and the bristles are sooooo much softer than before. The shape is much more rounded (the old one was quite pointy so it gave you a cut-crease whether you liked it or not). A really incredible brush.

They didn't have a lip brush previously and I love this one. Very nice bristles, a lovely shape and the perfect size. It cleans up beautifully and applies color very well.

Overall I think that if you have the older two face brushes then just stick with them, but definitely check out the eye and lip ones. They also have a ''giant eyeshadow applicator'' which is a sponge-tip so you know I won't be getting it and a ''concealer brush'', which is basically a larger version of the eyeshadow brush.
The rest of the brushes are amazing, especially when you consider that they cost around 2€ each.
Definitely worth checking out if you're in the market for new brushes!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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