Saturday, 18 April 2015

Makeup Revolution Beyond Flawless Palette

Hey guys!!

By now you're probably sick of hearing me rave about the Makeup Revolution Flawless Palette.
So I'm gonna talk about the BEYOND Flawless for a bit.

When I heard that there was a new version of the Flawless I squealed and clicked BUY!!
Just kidding. Once again, I waited for it to go on sale on and bought it then.

Anywaaaaaay, here are the colors.

Left: Flawless - light satin beige, Dove - sheer gold, Sandstone - light sand shade, Tawny - light medium brown
Right: Light Caramel - pale gold, Chestnut - medium gold, Bronze - bronze, Ground Brown - dark brown with some green

Left: Papaya - very light pink, Zorba - light cool pink, Autumn - orangey beige, Toasty - medium rusty orange
Right: Bare Pink - light glittery pink (quite chunky), Pug - warm pink, Spice - medium pink with some purple, Immaculate - medium warm pink

Left: Sand Dune - matte muted pink, Brunette - pink taupe, Wholemeal - warm dark pink, Teddy - brownish pink
Right: Mineral - sheer silver, Cookie Dough - warm bronze, Sepia - medium rust, Cocoa - chocolate brown with red undertones

Left: Expresso - golden champagne, Chocolate - chocolate, Muddy - warm dark brown with some purple undertones, Bistre - intense dark purple
Right: Warm Grey - taupe, Stone Grey - metallic denim, Nightfall - extremely dark navy, Blackest - matte black (does NOT even begin to compare to the black in the original Flawless palette)

So overall, I still prefer the original Flawless palette. There are more matte shades in it and the overall quality is better. Now don't get me wrong, the shades in here are intense (as you can see) but, as far as the matte shades go, I had to work with them a bit to get them to show up in the photo as intensely as you see them (Nightfall is stunning, but a pain in the a** to apply!).

Anywaaaaaay. I still love it. I think I'll use it at least as much as I do the original and honestly I kinda wanna buy the matte version as well...I dunno...I WANT IT!!

This one costs somewhere between 9 and 11€ and you can buy it on the Makeup Revolution website or on (if you live in Slovenia).

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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