Friday, 10 April 2015

NEW Eseence Eyelash Curlers

Hey guys!!

As you know I bought pretty much every new thing that Essence brought out.
Here are my thoughts on their brand new eyelash curlers!!

First of all - PURPLE.
Seriously. I would have bought them for the color alone!

They're really cute and smaller than any other ones I have.

What makes them unique, however, is the rubber thingy that it has. It's much firmer and larger than any I've seen before. It's quite bouncy and gentle. I haven't pinched my eyelid once, since I started using these and I always get a nice curl and not the crimped, shooting straight up look that I sometimes had to work with.

I seriously love these and when I couldn't find these one day, I was literally nervous about using my old ones. These are just so nice and safe that I prefer them over any other ones I've tried.
The only downside is that I have to curl each eye twice, because their smaller size doesn't allow me to curl all of my lashes in one go.

They cost a little over 2€ and they're worth much more than that!!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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