Friday, 10 July 2015

CATRICE Long Lasting Lipsticks Review

Hey guys!!

I'm finally getting around to reviewing these lipsticks for you!
Hope you enjoy!

I've had these lipsticks for quite a while now and can say that they're absolutely stunning.
They come in a black matte packaging and cost around 5€ each.

Lets get into the colors.

020 All That She Wants
This is a dark pinky nude, with a slight pearl finish (it doesn't really show up true to color on the photo). Not quite as longlasting as I expected, but incredibly comfortable on the lips. You can increase the longevity by using a lipliner underneath (I use it with the Catrice Ultimate Stay lipliner in the shades 080 Mauve Me Tender or 070 Rosy Brown).

070 Plum and Base
A dark plum shade with a hint of purple. It has very nice staying power on it's own, however I still prefer using it with a lipliner (Catrice Ultimate Stay in 040 Love The Way You Plum), but mostly because it gives the color a much deeper tone.

110 Red Side Story
This one a is a very bright orange red and has amazing staying power. If you want to use a lipliner with it (I don't feel the need to, but you do you) I recommend using the Catrice Ultimate Stay in 020 Relight My Fire - match made in heaven!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little review, I really do love these lipsticks and the brand in general. Let me know if you try any of them and what your thoughts on them are.

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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