Monday, 6 July 2015


Hey guys!

I realized that I've been exclusively using one skin care brand and haven't blogged about it yet!

The brand itself has been around since 1924 and as far as I've been able to find out it's owned by L'oreal. They specialize in dry, sensitive skin and all of their products are formulated under medical supervision.

Honestly I never gave this a second glance. Then it went on sale (40% off of everything) and I bought the rich body milk.
And then the next day I bought everything else!!
Because honestly, if I can see a difference after the first use then they pretty much know what they're doing!


First of all - IT HAS A PUMP!! Let's hear it for hygiene!!
Now I've never used body milk before, everyone always told me that if my skin is dry, I have to use a body butter.  
Seriously. This absorbed a million times faster and for the first time in forever, I stopped scratching my legs. I use it every single night and during winter I even used it in the morning, because it absorbs so quickly that I can put it on and by the time I decide what to wear my legs are smoooooooth.


Words cannot describe how much I love this.
Seriously, my feet have never been this soft! This contains 40% glycerine and oat milk and I have never been this impressed. I use it on my feet, my elbows and my cuticles. Amazing.


I bought the 24hr light moisturizing balancing cream, which is targeted towards normal to combination skin. It's very light, absorbs instantly and it doesn't make me as oily as so many other moisturizer before!
The 24hr moisturizing soothing cream is meant for dry and reactive skin. I use this as a day cream during the colder seasons and currently as my night cream. It contains 8% glycerine and rose extract and it's sooooo nourishing. 
Dear redness, see you on the 8th of NEVER.


Again...I have two of them...In the words of Tati Westbrook: Judge me, I'm high maintenance.
The first one is for dry to very dry hands, it contains glycerine and allantoin and it absorbs so fast!
The other one is another repairing surgras and it's targeted towards intense dryness and damaged skin so I use it all winter and every night before bed.

As you can see, I'm a little bit impressed by this brand. Juuuuust a bit... ;)
It's incredibly affordable (I think that the most expensive item is the moisturizer and it's somewhere around 6€) and I've noticed such a massive difference in my skin that I'd be willing to pay quite a bit more.
Keep it up MIXA!!!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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