Monday, 10 August 2015

BOURJOIS Silk Edition Powder Review

Hey guys!!

Ive been on a serious mission to review as many complexion makeup products as I possibly can, because I feel like my blog has been a little eyeshadow heavy lately.

So here's my review of the Bourjois Silk Edition Powder!

My T-zone gets very oily throughout the day, despite the fact that the rest of my face could compete with the Sahara in the desert Olympics.
So I like to powder it quite heavily to keep it matte for as long as possible, but we all know that the more powder you pile on, the more obvious it gets that you're wearing makeup.

So a lightweight and very finely milt powder is something I'm always on the lookout for.

When I first swatched this one it was clear to me that I needed it in my life. It's so incredibly smooth that I didn't have to think twice about buying it.

I've already hit pan on it and I've had it for about 6 months. I stopped using all of my other powders as soon as this one powdered it's way into my heart. The mirror is pretty big and you can lay it down flat, keep it up or spin it around (360°).
It also comes with a sponge, but you know I threw that away as soon as I opened it.

Since I'm a complete idiot I managed to drop it and it smashed, so I'm currently trying to make myself use up some of my other powders, but honestly I think I may have to go out and buy this one again. It doesn't offer much coverage but it gives your skin a gorgeous matte finish that's completely invisible on the skin.
It costs around 13€ in Slovenia.

I hope you guys found this review helpful and let me know what some of your favorite powders are, in the comments below!!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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