Monday, 17 August 2015

ILLAMASQUA Berber Pure Pigment

Hey guys!!

I'm usually a strong believer in drugstore makeup but I will always have trouble walking past an Illamasqua display and leaving empty handed...

...but I'm also a broke student saving up for a trip to London.
So I only have two of their pigments and the sealing gel that goes along with them.

I already posted my review of the Fervent Pure Pigment and you can read it here.

Left to right: white base, black base, sealing gel and dry.

I love rusty orange shades because they make my green eyes pop like nothing else, so you know that I had to buy this one.
It doesn't change that much with different bases and it looks absolutely stunning if you use it dry (you can see how different Fervent looks with different bases).
The color itself is super bright and pigmented so you should definitely apply it little by little, because it's incredibly easy to go overboard.

Here I used it dry and then applied a dark brown in my crease and outer corner. I defined my lashline with some matte black eyeshadow and then added mascara. It definitely attracts attention but then again, I love it when people notice my makeup.

It's a high-end product so the price is a lot higher than you'll usually see on my blog. It costs around 21€ for 1,3g (0,04oz) of product. It doesn't seem like much but I honestly doubt I'll use it up in this lifetime.
In Slovenia you can find it in Műller or you can order it from the Illamasqua website.

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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