Friday, 7 August 2015

My Favorite Eyeliners

Hey guys!!

Eyeliner used to be my go-to everyday look, but after my Catrice Gel liner dried up I sort of moved on to different looks. I recently got back into wearing it though and here are some of my favorite eyeliners!!

As far as gel liners go, I loved using the Catrice one, but after it dried up (it lasted nearly a year and a half) I decided to try a different one - I am a makeup blogger after all.
I bought the L'Oreal Gel Eyeliner on a whim and HOLY F**K have I been missing out!!
It's incredibly smooth - seriously, I've never tried a smoother one - applies like a dream and lasts all. day. long!
If you're looking for a new one, definitely give it a go - it costs around 13€.

When it comes to liquid liners I prefer using them in the form of a pen. My favorite is a new one from essence called Easy 2 use eyeliner pen and it's super black, it has bristles instead of a felt tip so you can make a really defined line and best of all - it costs less than 5€.

The Essence Gel Eye Pencils are my favorite eyeliners in pencil form. They're soft and creamy, but once they set it's done - you're only getting them off with an oil based makeup remover. They even stay really well in my waterline (and my eyes water like crazy!). Again, they're incredibly affordable - somewhere around 3 or 4€.

The last one is the one I forgot to include in the photo, but you can find it here.
It's the Catrice Liquid Liner. It has a very fine felt tip applicator and even though I prefer an eyeliner pen this one works beautifully. The color is COMPLETELY black and it dries to a matte finish. The lasting power is incredible and even though it's not waterproof, it's definitely water resistant! I think the price is just below 5€.

I hope you found these mini-reviews helpful and let me know what some of your favorite eyeliners are!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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