Sunday, 16 August 2015

SPOTLIGHT SUNDAY: Morning Workouts

Hey guys!!

It's currently around 36°C in my let's talk about the times we voluntarily choose to sweat!

There were times when I would wake up and the crisp morning air would feel so refreshing that I put my workout clothes on with a smile and worked hard at the gym...
Then summer decided to be mean to me.
Now I wake up before my alarm because I'm too hot to sleep and my hair is literally wet because even the nights are so hot I sweat like crazy.
But on those days that I decide to be nearly suicidal and workout, I do it EXTREMELY early in the morning!

Here's why.

Honestly, I've had trouble waking up since I can remember. I can sleep from 10pm to 1pm without a problem. But that's really not the healthiest option (especially considering that my depression is probably the main culprit behind my lack of energy).
So I decided something needed to be done and that's when things changed. You can read more about my morning routine here, right now I'm gonna talk about sweating it out!

We've all read a million articles on the benefits of eating breakfast and working out in the morning, so here are just a couple of them:
- wakes you up
- kick-starts your metabolism
- energizes you for the day
- you burn more calories throughout the day
- it feels awesome that by the time you would've otherwise woken up, you've already done something!!

The main reason I decided to try it was because I never felt completely awake until about 2pm. I was sluggish, constantly hungry and I lacked motivation to do pretty much anything that needed to be done.
But that's changed!

I either get up at 6am and go to the gym, or I work out at home.
There are countless youtube videos you can find on home workouts, however I prefer to use my Johnson&Johnson 7 minute workout app.

I can honestly say that I notice a massive difference on the days that I decide to sleep in instead. If I workout in the morning, even if it's just the 15min I do at home, my productivity and motivation levels spike! I simply take a shower, eat my breakfast and get on with whatever I need to do that day. There's no pausing, no procrastinating..I just get it done and that's it.
On my ''sleep in'' days I wake up, have some sort of (probably unhealthy) breakfast and then spend the rest of the day watching youtube videos instead of filming them!!

I don't think I have to explain which option makes me feel healthier and happier ;)

I hope you guys found this helpful and let me know what some of your healthy habits are!!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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