Monday, 7 September 2015

Life In Retail - Closing Time

Hey guys!

I recently switched jobs, so now I work in a jewelry store instead of a drugstore. The clientele has in no way changed.

I've noticed that no matter where you work, no matter what you sell, it doesn't even matter in which part of the world you are - people simply forget the concept of time.

I have heard people complain that ''they only have to buy one thing'', ''they'll only take a minute'', ''really need something'' since I first started working in retail.
Here's the thing - most shops are open for 11 or 12 hours in the day, don't complain about poor customer service if you come in 2min before closing time and decide to stay for 20min!

We have lives, families, pets and most of all - WE'RE HUMAN TOO!!
You do not have the right to barge in and demand top of the notch service when you're acting like a complete jackass with absolutely no regard for the people who work there!

The shop I work in now closes at 8pm. At 7:55pm all of the shops in the shopping center partially close their doors, so that the shoppers know we're about to close.
It was already 7:58pm when this girl barged into the store and decided she URGENTLY needed a new belly-button ring. Really?? At 8pm on a wednesday, you URGENTLY NEED IT???

She then proceeded to tell me that it's ridiculous that she's not allowed to try it on (even though that would be a health code violation) and stormed out at 8:10pm, without buying anything. I then of course, missed both of my buses and it took me nearly an hour to get home (instead of 30min).
But that doesn't matter, because I'm just some piece on trash working in a shop, right?

I really love the ones that think they can come in before we open though. It's soooooo nice when I haven't even fully woken up and there's someone acting like they're right no matter how ridiculous they're being.
I literally just walked into the store (it was 8:40am, we open at 9am), I closed the door behind me and immediately heard it open again. This random guy just casually walked in and asked if we were open.
Yes, I haven't even turned on the lights yet, the door was closed and all of the shops open at 9am, but SUUUUUURE we'll open early just for you! He then of course informed me that he is a customer and should be treated with more respect (all I said was ''I'm sorry sir, we open in 20min''), left and came back at 8:50am, OPENED THE DOOR again and asked if we were open.

Here's just a general tip for all of the shoppers out there: If the door is open, the store is open. If the door is closed, the store is closed.

Do any of you guys work in retail? Let me know some of your ''favorite'' types of customers!

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
- dr. Seuss

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  1. Once, two drunk guys came into the store I used to work at on a Sunday morning, tried on every (woman's) scarf there was, said I wear to much foundation, jumped over a glass fence on a staircase and only went out after I said I would call the police if they don't go immidietly - I'm glad they only came in once. Hang in there ;)

    1. Hehe I remember you telling me about them :P thank god they never came back :) x