Saturday, 10 June 2017

ESSENCE All About Roses Palette Review

Hey guys!!

I've been on an Essence kick lately and you know I have to share my loves and hates with you! This brand has been putting out the most amazing products lately and I had to post about another one for you!!

I'm not sure if you're tired of me writing about these palettes or not, but this is what I had in mind when I started my blog - providing honest reviews about affordable brands! Let me know if you have any requests and I'll try and help you out!

For now, let's get on to this beauty right here!!

I bought every single one of the All About palettes and I love this one just as much as the other ones!
There are only two shades that I don't think are up to par, but more about that later.

Here are the swatches of the All About Roses eyeshadow palette!!

Shade 1 - shimmery soft beige
Shade 2 - glittery muted pink
Shade 3 - medium shimmery brown
Shade 4 - dark glittery purple

Shade 5 - matte beige
Shade 6 - shimmery light pink
Shade 7 - matte muted pink
Shade 8 - satin medium (almost dark) brown

I have to say that the only shade that I don't really like is shade 2. It's not that pigmented and the glitter flies everywhere when you apply it. The other one isn't really bad, but I expected more. I'm talking about the shade that drew me most to this palette - shade 4. It's nicely pigmented and really smooth, but the color doesn't transfer well. It goes on as a regular dark purple and the glitter ends up on your cheeks instead of your eyes.
Otherwise I think this palette would be great for summer time (which is almost upon us!) and the rest of the shades are unbelievably nice!
The two matte/satin shades are so smooth and pigmented it makes me squeal!

As I have mentioned before, these are extremely affordable (4,39€ which comes out to 0,55€ per eyeshadow).

Have you tried any of these palettes yourself? Let me know what you thought in the comments below!! x

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Talk to you soon! x

Smile! Teeth are always in style ;)
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